Step 1: Choose 6 designs

Step 2: Choose color scheme

(white background w/ black lettering OR

stained background w/ white lettering)

Step 3: Select a statement piece

Step 4: Schedule pickup time

Step 5: Schedule statement piece paint time OR have us paint it and pick it up with rentals

FREE Custom statement

piece with every sign rental!

Welcome to our Wedding.png
Happily Ever After Starts Here.png
In Loving Memory.png
Sparkler Send Off.png
No Seating Plan.png
Open Bar.png
Device Free Ceremony .png
Love is Sweet, Take a Treat.png
Unplugged Ceremony.png
StyleSmile Assigned Seats.png
Cards and Gifts .png
Booty Booty Dancefloor.png
Brews and Bad Dance Moves.png
Together Forever Sit Wherever.png
Please Take a Favor.png

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