New Adventure!

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Today marks the beginning of yet another crazy adventure.

As soon as I publish this post I will be loading my pup in my car with my mom and we will be driving approximately 1,741 miles to get back to my hometown. I decided this year while the hubs is deployed that I will be opening up a brick and mortar studio that will serve as a safe place for people to come in to create, craft and be themselves. This may seem a little out of left field since I have been doing health coaching the last couple years, but I love having a creative outlet and I want to provide that for other people as well. I will continue to take on health coaching clients as my schedule allows and I am looking forward to having a true location where my groups can meet and connect.

The studio will have a schedule of classes for various crafts as well as "open create" times for people to bring their own projects in to share and use the studio!

Ultimately, this is me continuing to be true to myself and creating a happy and healthy life.

Thank you all for following along and I can't wait to see you in the studio!

xo -Em

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