3 Simple Steps to Find the Silver Lining

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Have you ever had one of those days that just doesn't go your way? How about a week or a month, or even a year? Before I risk sounding like the "Friends" theme song much longer, I am sure you can think of a time that you were in that kind of slump.

I think it is really easy to feel sorry for ourselves when little things don't go our way. When we focus on the negatives, we will continue to only see the negatives. What I am going to challenge you to do the next time you start feeling those cloudy day blues is to pause, breathe and start searching for the sliver lining in those clouds.

Steps you can take to get out of that funk:

  1. BREATHE - seriously. Stop whatever you are doing. Whether you are driving, crying, or sitting on the couch eating ice cream, just press pause and take at least 5 centering breathes by breathing in deeply through the nose and exhaling audibly out through the mouth. Those 5 simple breathes have brought you into the present and helped your health in the most simple way by bringing your heart rate down and calmed your nerves.

  2. ASSESS - Assess your situation and really think about what is happening. Is this truly an isolated case of "bad luck" or did this crummy thing happen because of a previous choice? Basically, assess why this happened and if it could have been avoided, don't play the victim here, hold yourself accountable and figure out what happened.

  3. LOCATE - Locate the silver lining. Now is your chance to get real with yourself. This moment, this thing or this person may absolutely suck, but you are learning from what is happening. Identify how this could possibly be positive. If you've just experience the loss of a loved one, you might be thinking I'm crazy but consider how blessed you are to have known that person.

These steps might need to be repeated, but eventually you should be able to settle down and move forward. Usually when we look back at those bad days or bad events, they seem so minuscule in hindsight regardless of how life-altering they felt in real time. Remind yourself that you are human and these things are normal. The last step is to find a mirror and give yourself a smile. You will change your brain chemistry by smiling for 5 whole seconds, so smile, release those endorphins and enjoy!

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