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Who We Are

We are a creative studio that specializes in helping you make personalized home décor. From everyday designs to customized pieces, we will find the perfect fit for your space.

Craft Happens Services

We have a couple ways for you to come in to create! You can drop in during an open paint session, pick a project and get started, or you can schedule a private party which lets you invite whoever you like. Another great  option is attending a public workshop to tackle a specialty piece. Check out our calendar, then come to to make Craft Happen!

Kids Painting

Private Party

Private parties let YOU and YOUR friends take over the studio! There is no fee to have the space and it can be for any occasion. If you have more than 15 guests, then you will have the whole front room. If your party has less than 15, you MAY be paired with another small party. Schedule at least 2 weeks out so that we can put together all designs and custome orders in time!

Oil Painting Workshop

Open Paint

During our open paint hours you can drop in and paint any design we have available. Great to just stop in when you are looking for a creative outlet!

Friends with Santa Hats

Public Workshop

Public workshops are workshops where all attendees are doing the same project. Usually larger signs and specialty crafts like porch signs, ceramics and over-sized signs. These workshops require a seat deposit to reserve your spot since space is limited.

Check out our calendar for open painting times, public workshops and private party availability!

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